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Our Purpose

Is to provide a facility with a prime location that serves Prince George’s County and beyond. A facility that seamlessly allows athletes to train, coaches to coach, educators to teach and small groups to meet. The Campus fills a void defined by our core customer base which encompasses a profound need for more multi-purposed facilities. The facility is safe, and has state of the art equipment. This new and exclusive facility is clean, new, open and is operating in a controlled environment. The Campus delivers a high quality facility and stellar customer service making it the location of choice for athletes. Trainers use The Campus as their foundation to build their training empires or teams. It is an incubator for trainers, curating their programming to develop the next generation of talent. 

Our Mission

The Campus mission is to provide a world class athletic and educational training environment that will meet the needs of all genders, ages, and skill levels. 

Our Vision

To be recognized as Prince George’s County premiere athletic, academic, and events facility serving the needs of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia communities.

Our Leadership Team

Leslie McFarland

The Campus Owner

Ray McFarland

The Campus Owner

Iman McFarland

The Campus Owner

Dr. Takura A. Tela

Director Wellness

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