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The Campus with Fred Brown

Mr. Brown’s passion is to use sport as the carrot to connect with youth. His desire is to inspire growth on and off the court. Through his mentoring and teaching the correct techniques, the expectation is that this will enhance scholarship opportunities for his mentees.

Not only was Fred Brown one of the top players in New York, he was one of the nation’s best players in the High School class of 1980. Fred Brown lead his team to the 1980 Public School Athletic League City Championship by beating Long Island City. Brown played for the legendary John Thompson at Georgetown and helped lead the Hoyas to the NCAA Championship game in 1982 and the 1984 National Championship. Brown is ranked among the best guards in Georgetown University history.

  • Basketball skill development
  • Unique Shooting technique
  • Strength and conditioning agility
  • Deal with adversity
  • Mental toughness
  • Outwork competition everyone
  • Intensity on the floor
  • Make others around you better
  • Develop humility

Improvement for all ages and skill levels, team play, dealing with player/coach relationships, consultation for parents for high school/college selection and much more….

Basketball Training

What types of basketball training should you expect to experience at basketball camps?

  •  Proper Shooting technique 
  • Shoot drills 
  • Footwork/ agility 
  • Defense techniques 
  • Passing / ball handling drills
  • Layup drills
  • Rebounding techniques 
  •  Peripheral vision development 
  • Hand eye coordination 
  • Hand speed improvement 

Semi-private training sessions available upon request. Call for pricing. (202)-320-1144 


VertiMax Training

VertiMax has become the world’s leading athletic training system designed for developing speed strength and explosive power. VertiMax is used by 1000’s of athletes worldwide who are training to run faster, jump higher, or just looking to maximize their athletic performance. 

Ultra Slide Training

These exercises are at the core of our workout. They’re designed to work your muscles to the point of failure. These slow and controlled exercises target the type 1 or slow twitch muscle fibers. As they break down, you may experience a burning sensation. Our workout will improve your muscular endurance. You will start to see and feel noticeable muscular definition and increase in overall muscular strength. You will functionally move better and more efficiently. Learn the basic exercises that will transform your body.

Dr. Dish Rental

Ask About Our Dr. Dish Rental

The Dr. Dish CT is the perfect machine for team training and individual skills training. Use the 15.6” touch screen to track up to 5 players at once. Let your players hone their skills with on-demand, interactive drills and workouts. Train your post players with a patented swivel net system that allows for high-rep training during post and finishing drills. 

Have a question about any of our sports programming? Tell us a little about yourself and a Sales Ambassador will contact you shortly.

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