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Sports Performance Programming

Here at the Campus, our sports performance training is designed to enhance our athlete’s performance. By strength, speed, and stamina training, our goal is to get athletes to reach their full potential for success in ground-based sports that require explosive movements and maximum athleticism.

The Campus programs take into account each athlete’s individual performance metrics and physical limitations. Through an extensive testing protocol, we are able to profile athletes and enhance their strength while simultaneously developing their weaknesses. For complete accuracy we electronically test agility through renowned agility drills, we test vertical jumping abilities, we test speed through the 40-yard dash as well as strength assessments for strength and power development. We also provide a complete movement assessment to sharpen the technique and reduce the likelihood of noncontact injuries.

Most importantly, our programs are fun while progressively challenging growth through their bodies. We also challenge growth mentally and emotionally creating complete athletes fully engaged and ready for the challenges ahead. We’re partnered with …… that offers mental training as an athlete’s mental condition is critically important today in today’s society.

In addition to our competitive top-level training and technical skills building, The Campus offers recovery services through our certified chiropractic and physical therapy for all members.

Recovery is overlooked and undervalued. We make it our priority to ensure that our athletes are fully recovered to perform at their highest level. Our recovery modalities are cutting edge and research-proven to safely maintain our athlete’s bodies as they break down through the rigors of athletic development.

The Campus provides organic options for nutritional benefits to refuel our athletes and holistically enhance their bodies.

Have a question about any of our sports programming? Tell us a little about yourself and a Sales Ambassador will contact you shortly.

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